Development of our new market / 新たなる我々の市場の開発
Approach to the medium-sized companies worldwide
If we join forces, the supply and demand of an international market can be promoted.

Our target is not only major companies, but also powerful medium-sized blue chip companies.
(The definition of medium is an annual turnover of 1 billion to 100 billion yen)


*Total number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan: 4.3 million companies.
*Total number of small and medium-sized enterprises in USA: 27.5 million companies.
 Although the percentage of medium sized blue chip companies is only 2.1%, the total sales percentage is over 30% of the entire.

For example, the domestic economy of Japan is supported by 99.7% of small and medium-sized enterprises.














For example, the domestic economy of Japan is supported by 99.7% of small and medium-sized enterprises.

*Total number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan: 4.3 million companies
*Total number of small and medium-sized enterprises in USA: 27.5 million companies

"The International Designers' Organization" IDO.


How procedures can be simplified to target medium sized blue chip companies is a key of international business.

We can propose to your potential clients as itemised below, enabling the clients to plan their budget accordingly.
Furthermore, you can provide the potential clients with your estimation of each item's budget.
It is not advised to take the entire budget from the outset. Your target is small and medium-sized enterprises.

You build a system allowing the client to order any item.
(Combination items can be flexible for the client.)

*Market Research
*Introduction of C.I.
*Approach target / Market
*Shape design
*Graphic Design
*Draft sketch
*Naming idea
*Logo Mark
*Commodity market test
...and so on.


International negotiations should facilitate the timely and efficient submission of work. Therefore:

a) 作業の種類を細分化させたビジネススタイルを展開する
a) We must develop our design work in a segmented fashion for good workflow.

b) ビジュアルと商品の言語表現は、分離して考える
b) Language and visual ideas of the products or goods should be considered separately.

c) 出来うる限り作業工程を記号化する
c) Please symbolize the working process as long as it can be.

With regards to the PR activities, all members cooperate with each other to make full use of the free SNS media.

ICO is launching an introductory publication for international package designers.
This eBook will introduce you to new potential international clients worldwide.

In order to extend its reach far and wide, ICO will utilize international distributors to tap into the world market of over 180,000 school and public libraries.

From the libraries of each local area, people can use this title free of charge any time via their device.

Furthermore, in order to encourage and facilitate library orders, noAH-X will set up an ultra-low retail price.


The book is letter-size and horizontal in orientation.
Please use this as a guideline for your design.
The index and page composition system allows the reader to access your main page through your hyperlinked image icon.

The first deadline is Sept. 26th, 2013.
The final deadline will be Oct. 7th, 2013.
When noAH-X get over 45 companies, this project will be closed.

Via the icons on the index page, subscribers can start to appreciate  
    your outstanding 

                                    (Index design will be changed)

Layout Guidelines:

The company name and country are required for all companies, for the first page only.
From the second page, use the layout space freely but please maintain pagination positions.

Display your company (Only first page)

Your own pagination (Company name + page number)

Apply your pagination in the appointed position.
Your company name + page numbers
eg: ICO Package studio 1- 5 (If you have 5 pages in total)


Please refer to the above instructions, create your design
in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, and then export as a PDF.

Send your representative image icon or logo for the INDEX.
(50 mm longest side) along with your company and country name.

The manuscript should be pdf format,
a) Embedded fonts and Images.
b) Please select 'high quality printing' when exporting a PDF from Indesign or  
    (Color image data compression at 150dpi, Acrobat compatibility 8 or more).

You may use 1 to 10 pages per company.
Please let us know in advance how many pages will you use.

Using last page, please make layout for your company's introduction, such as such as your company, logo, contact address etc.

You can send your data by email, CD or Online Storage Service.
eg.: Dropbox、ADrive ...etc.

Our address is < >
Norio Mochizuki / ICO HQ.

13-14 Wakamatsu-cho, Chigasaki, Kanagawa,
JAPAN Postal code : 253-0051

However it may advertise by itself, an effect does not show up.
In order to be world famous publication media, please invite your excellent designer friends as many as possible.