"International Designers' Organization"

IDO is a professional organization of international package designers.

The following is a graph of economic structure worldwide. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) account for more than 95% of the configuration of any country.
Among the social structure, 30% of the national economy is supported by only 2.1% medium sized companies.
In Japan, even though only 2.1%, the actual company numbers are over 90,300 companies.
In the U.S., it also amounts to 825,000 companies.
(The definition of medium company is an annual turnover of 1 billion to 100 billion yen).

Please click the following graph to see further graph detail data.
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In this global age, why can't we deal easily with international clients? That is because each is scattering.

If we join forces, the supply and demand of an international market can be promoted.

Create common standard display and make it public.

1) Common international Quotation form. 2) Purchase order form.  3) specifications etc.

To subdivide contents of the package design work.

Many small an
d medium-sized enterprises are developing original products.
However, they cannot plan a big budget like a major company.
Therefore, we need the divided design works menu for them which will enable them to order easily. It is not good to obtain it all at once.

Present the budget clearly in advance.

Steady small and medium-sized enterprises make a detailed budget planning for each project.
Let's set the price in the item - i.e. subdivided design work.

International package design tender system for clients by the IDO members.

Will provide a white space online "Job Bulletin Board" the international clients. Potential clients can write their order or enquiries etc. freely.

For your potential international clients, let us set up this online "bulletin board" enabling every country to write their requests or obtain estimations.

On the other hand, the IDO designers also respond or offer for the requirement him/herself.
(The sample Bulletin Board is at contraction stage but you can see the outline contents )

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Full use of an SNS media function, all package designer members will announce our existing IDO.
(SNS is abbleviation of "Social Network Service" such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

That is a very simple activity. You can just click the "like” button for positive results.
It will be free advertising to over 97% of the potential world market !

To do this, we don't need to spend your budget even though it is a world market development strategy. Just push the SNS "like" button.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions to ICO, so please join to our collaborative project.


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