Allow me to introduce IDO (International Designers' Organization), comprised of package designers from around the world who are familiar with the conventional marketing styles in their local countries.

With the implementation of IDO, now is the perfect time for you to market your popular wares with suitable package design, and to expand sales in the European and Southeast Asian markets.
IDO members in other countries will help you with their knowledge of local design.

By enlisting IDO and changing the angle and the characteristics of your goods, you can broaden your reach significantly.
Importantly, IDO didn't come from nowhere. It was the creation of ICO, a publisher and art coordinator specializing in commercial art since 1962. With its contacts in 25 countries around the world, ICO coordinates with IDO members to support the package design and marketing activities for export.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How much is ICO's inquiry or coordination fee?

It's free of charge.
Since the dealings will be directly between the client and the IDO member, ICO is not involved.
ICO's role is just as coordinator for both parties.
And regarding IDO's operational cost, it will be covered by the IDO members' project operation fee.

2. What is the process of the project's promotion from inquiry?

a) ICO will ask the client who wishes to expand to overseas markets, their intentions and

b) ICO will research, select and nominate suitable creators according to the client's 

c) When ICO obtains the client's consensus, ICO will do both party's introduction work.

d) ICO will commence the new market development project with the client and the creator.

e) As soon as the project is completed, ICO will receive the finishing report from both 

f) ICO's work is now complete.

3. What are the participating countries in the IDO group?

Argentina Australia   ● Belgium   ● Brazil   ● Canada   ● Chile
China      ● Denmark   ● France   ● Germany   ● Greece   ● India  
Italy  Japan    ● Kosovo   ● Malaysia   ● Poland  Romania  Russia
Slovenia   ● Sweden  Taiwan  Thailand   ● United Kingdom   ● United States

4. What is an IDO member?

Members of IDO comprise a package-design group of professionals working in various countries.

1 Their strength is the visual development and package design of goods and products.

Also many IDO members specialize in branding and marketing activities associated 
     with product development and sales expansion.

3 In addition, you are able to ask them a related request, such as native language phrases 
 copyrighting ideas.

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IICO has handled over 1000 clients' projects so far, in mainly the domestic Japanese market, for typical Japanese enterprises in the commercial art field.
The following companies are typical ICO clients:


Toyota Motor Corporation / Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. / HONDA(Honda Motor Co., ) / OPEL /
Suzuki Motor Corporation / TOSHIBA CORPORATION / Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
HITACHI / YASKAWA Electric Corporation / Panasonic Corporation /
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. / TEAC Corporation / Yamaha Corporation /
Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd. / Morinaga & Co.,Ltd. / Ajinomoto Company, Incorporated /
Calpis Co., Ltd. / Kewpie Corporation / SHIKISHIMA BAKING CO., LTD. / HOUSE FOODS CORPORATION /
NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA / TOKYU LAND CORPORATION / Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. /
Mitsubishi Estate Company, Limited / Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited / The Housing Corporation / 
Nagaoka City / Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd. / Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. /
JAPAN CONSUMER CREDIT ASSOCIATION. / Bank of Japan / Ministry of Construction /
Komatsu Ltd. / Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. / Tokyo Disneyland / Dentsu Inc. / SSP Co., Ltd. /
Sankyo Company, Limited / Yomeishu Seizo Company, Limited / JAPAN TOBACCO INC. /
NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / KYODO Oil Co., Ltd. / Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. /
KINOSHITA KOUMUTEN Co.,Ltd. / Mitsukoshi, Limited / Seiyu GK. /
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) /
The Asahi Shimbun Company / MAGAZINE HOUSE,Ltd. / Sogo Co., Ltd. / All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. /
East Japan Railway Company / Canon Inc. / ...................
Penthouse(USA) / OMNI(USA) / Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.(USA) / Lancôme( France)/
Siemens AG(Germany) / AB Volvo(Germany) / Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Germany) /
World Health Organization group (France) / Winter Tours Insurance (Switzerland) / ...................