Why not use the power of international packaging design to introduce your new products into global markets?

Increase product acceptance by collaborating on packaging design that incorporates the native sensibility of each country where your new product is to be introduced or exported.
IDO is comprised of top designers from over 25 countries to help you in entering untapped markets.

Work samples by some of our international IDO members:

Interested in introducing your products to
   Western countries or Asian markets?

The first step of successful marketing is a packaging design that is targeted for a specific country.
Why not develop a new market by collaborating with the native IDO member of that country?
We have created an “assessment system” easily utilized by various industries, large or small.

Creator's selection
    (For the challenge toward to overseas markets, make full use of local creators)
Bulletin Board Sample
 (Through your personal sensibility, you'll decide the creators of IDO that
  matches the product planning budget)
Measure the adjustment of total planning budget
for the product and package design production cost.
Scope of work of IDO members
Agreement in between client and IDO members
Work Inquiries example