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   In order to develop the international market, please contact 
   us first from zero

Contact examples of various cases
 ICO and IDO can meet any of your demands, such as:
How much will it cost for naming our new product geared toward Taiwan?
We have been using our in-house designer, but we would like to go in a new direction using a European designer. Can we just get a rough proposal?
How much will this cost?
We would like a “bottle” label design that will be well-received by housewives in Singapore.

We will be doing our own graphics; however, we would like to have a package form design for the new package done.

Japanese tea packaging to be sold in Holland. We would like to discuss color ideas that are preferred especially by Europeans.

Regarding packaging for a new product; can we trust you with discretion?

We would like to work with German package designers on a German food product to be exported to Japan that appeals to the Japanese market.
We have created an easy to use and very compact hot water maker. Would it be possible to collaborate with a Chinese packaging designer to market them in China? What will the budget be for this?
   Something like that. Any theme, any kind of inquiry, please ask us by
  email or inquiry form feel free to ICO any time (← click)

In order to broaden the potential demand to have of the product, 
   try to expand sales to foreign markets

Please choose the style of international IDO members by your sensibility.  (← click)