Applicable areas of IDO members

     IDO membership is a professional platform from which to promote international business.

Increasingly, even small businesses can look to expand sales in overseas markets
Package design directly connected to corporate profits is not the same as the pure design process.
Modern package designers differ from those of yesteryear, in that marketing has become a big consideration.
The package design field is roughly divided into three kinds:
 1)  Design of the packaging graphics.
 2)  Creation of the three-dimensional package design focussing on shape rather than pure graphics.
 3)  Strategical branding and package including marketing at large.
Outstanding members of this kind are registered with IDO from more than 25 countries.

  In order to broaden the demand of your skills, now is the time 
     to expand sales to foreign markets

 ■ "Small and medium-sized enterprises"
      have strong power which is supporting 
      30% of our country's budget. (click)

   Even if the reach of your successful              product is currently small, don't allow
      that to be a limitation.  
      The international market is vast. 
      Approach it head on. 
   For distribution to overseas markets,
     please get your country's administrative
      system advice or consultant, such as
     JETRO  81-(0)3-3582-5651

   It's time to enliven and relaunch your
      successful product, and activate the
     market of the IDO members

Utilize the possibilities and the innovative approaches that
an IDO package designer can provide.

 Naming idea :
 Providing creators who are familiar about the culture and region of the country.
 Rough design, rough sketch :
 Determine the orientation of the design
 Label design :
 Utilize this medium to develop the likes of European wine labels or even
bottle design.

 Form of the Packaging :

 Top international designers can only create the proposed package shape perfectly.

 Total packge design
 Select the most appropriate designer to create a new package.
 You can see in advance, their experience and design sense.
 Without compromising their package design professionalism, they can also tackle the following themes
  in addition to the above:
 Logo/ mark :
 This is a field which IDO members do best.
 Local language expression
  and a title idea :

 Design in the local language a brief description of the package.
 Color coordination
 Use of colour which suits the sensibilities of the target countries, to continue to
  penetrate the market.

 Collaboration with illustrations :

 They can collaborate with photographers and illustrators.

 Collaboration with the celebrity
  of countries
 Usage of celebrities (who may be unknown to other countries) for greater 
  pulling power.

 etc.  IDO is an international hotbed of creative ideas.

Please choose the style of international IDO members by sensibility of yours. (click)