Promises between ICO, IDO members and the Client

1 The function of ICO, comprised of IDO members, is to coordinate the work between client and designer.
2 ICO conducts the flow of initial communication regarding the actual operation.
3 After the project commences, clients and designers will communicate directly. They can decide the best method for translators and interpreters, and ICO is able to offer a recommendation for such skilled personnel.
4 Cost estimates before commencement of an international transaction are very important. Please confirm the cost in advance. This also applies to additional work and associated fees, whereby both parties need a mutual understanding.
5 Payment method of international transactions is by US dollars only.
6 Before transactions are finalized and the project commences, 50% of the cost must be paid to the creator. Note: With regards to the settlement of small funds, ICO can assist with a Paypal transfer.
7 IDO member and client will inform the start and finish information to ICO immediately.
8 After completion, the client should pay the remaining 50% to the creator.
9 Excluding a small amount charged by Paypal, a handling fee for money transferred to the designer’s account, and customs charges for international business tax are the responsibility of the client. Concerning the small handling fee for the remittance, IDO will utilize Paypal. In this case, Paypal’s transfer charge is the responsibility of the creator.
The handling fee and operational cost for projects involving ICO is 15%, which is paid by the creator's fee. As for the negotiation, translator and interpreter fees, they are negotiable between the parties, although ICO will assist where possible.
11 If ICO is to be involved in negotiations, intrepreters or other matters, the fee will be the responsibility of the client or creator.
12 ICO does not take responsibility for any problems occurring during the actual operation.

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