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     Inquiry of package design from the clients for international IDO members

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About the product developed in your company:
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Qustion items
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2)     Date : Pick a date   (Calender)  
3)    Product/Brand name or project name
4)    The name of the creator candidate
5)   Country of the creator
6)    Product outline/information
        a)  Gender of the target market.
        b)  Age of the target market. 

        c)  Demographic of the target market.
             E.g. infants, students, office workers, family         

        d)  Sales area/ region

        e) Approximate usage period of work

        f) Approximate production volume
7)    Description and content of the
8)    Deadline of the production/
         request items
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9)   Approximate budget of the client
         if applicable

10) Competitor's name / product name
11) Type of project request.
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( Naming, ideas and copywriting )

( Design draft or idea sketch )

( Label design )

( Logo/mark design ) 

( Package formation )

( Total package design )

( C.I. corporate identity )

( Marketing, market research )

( Product market test )

( Other )

12) Simple message or comment to the
13)  Name of other candidate creators
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14)  Useful data and materials

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5)     Name of person in charge
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6)     Nationality

7)     Company address
8)     Tel & Fax
9)      Email
10)    Skype Name (if applicable)
11)    Comment from client


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