Who We Are

International Creators' Organization has been a leader in the world of creative design for over thirty years. Our main focus at ICO is to provide a meeting place for outstanding creators and distinctive clients worldwide. In addition to our activities of coordinating art projects between clients and creators ICO is also a publisher of high quality international art books related to the fields of graphic design and public art.
Our scope in publishing is ever expanding, and our plan for the future includes publishing art books in all fields of creative endeavor.

Our History

The ICO of today began as Japan Creators' Association. JCA was established in 1962, under the leadership of Mr. Norio Mochizuki, Executive Director.
JCA was created as a cooperative organization to help talented artists promote their works to the professional business world. JCA acted as an international publisher and art agency in the fields of fine art, illustration, photography, graphic art and package design.

As the business world began to expand and evolve internationally JCA changed and grew also.
Their vision expanded to include meeting the needs and opportunities of a new global marketplace. In 1980 Japan Creators' Association became the newly formed International Creators' Organization, with headquarters in Japan.

Our Goals

The discovery and promotion of outstanding creators in all fields of international art is our aim at ICO.
We are continuously searching for both established and new talent in all fields of creative endeavor.
ICO provides a stage where outstanding creators of the world may showcase their work.
Upon our stage their artwork will be widely viewed by an international audience of many distinctive clients in the advertising and publishing world.

Our goal at ICO is to give our talented creative friends worldwide an opportunity for the global promotion of their outstanding artwork, and to provide a quality meeting place for the coordination of international art projects between creator and client.
We will work towards providing these goals through our continued dedication to our art coordination and publication activities.

Our Vision For The Future

Our vision at ICO is to continuously expand and evolve in our mission to support and promote talented creators worldwide. We will continue to provide an international stage upon which creators may showcase their outstanding artworks.
We plan to continue and improve our meeting place for creators and clients worldwide, and to expand our publication activities to include all fields of creative art and design.
Our vision is to become the global art source and meeting place for all art fields.

Our staff at ICO is continuously working towards these dreams, with passion and dedication.
Our vision at ICO is to become a true "Global Art Community", where all creators may enjoy the cooperative goal of sharing their love of creativity with the world. We offer our hand in friendship to all artists and clients who dream of this common goal.

With Thanks

We would also like to express our deep appreciation for the continued loyalty and support of all of our talented creative friends. We think of you as our worldwide family of artistic friends.
We thank you for your cooperation and contributions.
You have helped us make our dream become a reality. We hope you will look forward to, and continue to work with us, for an even brighter future.