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Of cause you can deal with the clients directly if you want.

Rregistration items for ICO creators' member :

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For the clients.
Each progect theme, the featuring fee will as follows :

1 rrFor the grafic field / US $ 10. for 1 week.
2 rrFor the window display or interior cordinator field / US $ 10. for 1 week.
3 rrFor the package design field / US $ 20. for 1 week.
4 rrFor the interior design field / US $ 30. for 1 week.
5 rretc.

For the payment, please use "PayPal" method.

The articls should be the following items :
ICO is just introduce the creators for your inquiring. Thus you'll get the responce
from the potential creators directly. ICO will not have nothing to do with the project.

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4 rr
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5 rrYour objection or inquiry
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