The People of OWA

Yumiko, Michael and Norio in Los Angeles-1999

The One World Art Company began in early 2000 when Norio Mochizuki of Japan contacted his friend Michael Backus of the USA regarding an international art rental company. Norio's ideas for international art distribution and his association with the respected International Creators' Organization, combined with Michael's enthusiasm for new digital printing methods.

Eddie & Ruth Archer
The pair invited their long time friend and colleagues, Eddie & Ruth Archer of Holland to join their venture, in order to ensure a truly worldwide system. The group plan in the future to expand operations to Australia, inviting another friend and colleague, Mr. Chris Murphy, who is currently cooperating with us and preparing things at his end.

The result was One World Art, a new method of web cataloguing artwork and printing archival reproductions on demand.

Since the company first began, more and more ICO affiliates joined OWA as contributing artists and regional distributors. The result is one of the largest internet-based art sales companies in the world, with hundreds of represented artists in 50 countries worldwide.

Chris Murphy
One World Art is based on the principle that international understanding and cooperation benefits all people.

How the OWA webite and ICO HQ Operates

The Commerce Online Business Flow

OWA Creator Members
ICO Headquarters
The Client
1. The Artists send to ICO HQ their representative images, Biography and other personal contact details

2. ICO in conjunction with OWA, displays the creators' imagery online on the web site.
(No personal details aren't displayed)
Clients are referred to this web site

3. Clients search the database of artist and images through the online service, using criterion such as country, category, and names.

6. The nominated Artists - from the OWA web site, discuss further information with ICO HQ

5. ICO contacts each chosen artist and makes suggestions according to the inquiry from the client
4. The Client nominates the artist / creator of interest, and submits an inquiry directly to ICO HQ

9. The creator receives their payment
8. ICO bills the client and transfers payment to the creator according to the agreed conditions
7. After deciding on the particular artist, the client informs the choice to ICO and the contracts are arranged. Then the job commences

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