ICO proudly announces the publication of our 2007 premier edition of:

Artistic Restaurants and Teahouses of the World
Ambience for the Soul


We invite you to join us for this exciting 2007 International special edition. It is free of charge to you.

Our book will be distributed worldwide.
Our 2007 special edition will be a hard-bound book in full color.

May we showcase your restaurant or teahouse in our 2007 world premier edition?

Submission Guidelines
Participation in this special edition is by invitation only.
It is free of charge to those invited.
Please send sample interior and exterior images of your facility by email to the ICO selection committee for consideration right away.

1. Selections will be made in order of arrival.
2. Those entries arriving too late to be featured in our 2007 special premier edition will be considered for inclusion in our 2008 publication

A. Initial Submission Guidelines

1. Please send 72 dpi interior and exterior images of your facility by email.

2. The main focus of our book is to feature the design elements of your interior and exterior.
We need for you to include a "whole view" of both the interior and exterior of your facility.
You may also include a few other images of your choice.

3. It is very important to send bright and clear images.

4. Include the name of your facility, your address, phone number, website, etc. in your email.
We also need the name and email address of the proper contact person at your facility.

5. Send your email to the following two persons in charge of this project: You may send your email to both addresses at the same time to:
Norio Mochizuki (mr.) < ico-nori@info.email.ne.jp > and
Jo Sickbert < JOSICKBERT@aol.com >

6 The deadline date for receiving your images is April 30, 2007.

B. Final Submission Guidelines

1. Facilities chosen for the book will be required to submit images on CD / DVD to ICO Headquarters in Japan.
Images will need to be 360 dpi/ CMYK, EPS orTIFF or Photoshop format. The image size should be A4 size.

2. Include a printout list in the same package with your CD / DVD of images, in order to confirm information about your facility.
A. Please include the following items, numbered in this order on your printed enclosure sheet.

Use black ink.

1. Name of your facility.
2. Your address.
3. Name your country.
4. Type of your facility (Restaurant, Teahouse, etc.).
5. Name of Owner.
6. Your URL, if available.
7. Name of your top Chef.

3.. All CD / DVD submissions should be sent to:

ICO Headquarters
Attn: Mr. Norio Mochizuki
13-14 Wakamatsu-cho Chigasaki,
Kanagawa JAPAN
Post Code 253-0051

( Indicate "No Commercial Value" on your postal form to avoid unnecessary import tax. )

If you have questions please send email to:

ICO Kansas / Jo Sickbert: < josickbert@aol.com >
TeaGuide / Janis Badarau: < tearoomguide@teaguide.net >
ICO HQ. / Norio Mochizuki : < ico-nori@info.email.ne.jp >
ICO Japan / Satoru Shiraishi : < c-wave@gaea.ocn.ne.jp >

C. Deadline for the 2007 issue is April 30,(mon) 2007.

Since there are a limited number of pages available please submit your facility as quickly as possible by emailing ICO HQ. or ICO America/ in Kansas.