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ICO HQ would like to congratulate Dutch ICO Artist, Stang and his wife on their new arrivals...twins!
ICO sends our best wishes to the whole family.


2001年、6月8日(金)から21(木)までの2週間、 三越/恵比須ガーデンプレイス2F、アトリウムに於て、OWAの展示即売会が開催されました。 ホームページ上でしかご覧頂けない世界のアーティスツの秀作が、手に取ってご観賞頂けるこのイベントは、 三越に来客したビジターに大好評でした。
会場では、世界各国のコンテンポラリー・アートを観賞して頂きながら、 OWAカタログからお好きな作家の絵画を選び、目の前でその作品をアーカイヴ・プリントする このワークショップは、 三越を訪れた美術愛好家たちの大反響を呼びました。 (フレーム付)
Click here to view more photos from the event!


ICO HQ would like to send their warm regards to Chol Nam Chon, from our ICO Korean Bureau, who has now relocated to New Zealand. Chol Nam Chon is a valuable member of the ICO network.

The ICO bureau network extends to over 70 cities in 50 countries.


OWA is looking forward to building up our OWA image catalogue. We are now looking forward to getting many new images from artists from all over the world. If you are an artist and would like to join OWA, please contact OWA by email, or click here for more information. All OWA images will be examined by OWA's Selection Committee before being added to the catalogue.

このOWAのホームページは、オーストラリアのクリスティー・ピンカートン (Kristy Pinkerton/OWA Art Coordinator) 女史が作成しました。 もしよろしければ、ご感想などお聞かせ下さい。
Vanessa Taylor has now replaced Kristy Pinkerton as OWA Art Coordinator and website builder. Vanessa is facing the challenge of taking over where Kristy left off and keeping up Kristy's superb efforts. She is also introducing a number of new features to the OWA website, including My Calendar and My Card. Vanessa is from Australia and currently working at ICO HQ in Japan. If you have time, she would love to hear your opinion about the website. If you have any ideas about how the website could be improved, please don't hesitate to let her know also. You can contact Vanessa by email by clicking here.
OWAでは素晴らしい作家とその作品を探しています。 掲載ご希望の方は、OWAにemailでご連絡下さい。

Images in the OWA catalogue are for OWA exhibition purposes only and
under no circumstances should they be copied or reproduced in any way.


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