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"One World Art" is a project consisting of a number of business systems. Customers can browse through internationally renouned artworks in a wide range of media selections and we also sell and rent art prints made using a revolutionary new high quality printing system. Our prints are archival 6 colour editions, much sharper and truer to the original artwork's colour than conventional offset prints or photo reproductions. In addition to their initial high quality, our state of the art reproductions are extremely durable, resisting fading and colour shifts for 200 years or more.
The markets that we are targeting include offices, hospitals and restaurants as well as the general public. We have already approached several Japanese restaurant chains, and have received a positive response. We will be heavily promoting our website and expect high volumes of traffic. Any customer anywhere in the world with internet access will be able to view and order a print of your work.


The strength of this project is that, by using contacts and a reputation that has been built up over 40 years of business, ICO is able to bring together artists from all over the world. No matter what style of artwork a customer is looking for, or from what region of the world they desire it, they will be able to find it through OWA.


1.   There is no fee of any kind to join OWA.
2.   You receive 30% of the full sale price or 20% of the rental price. All expenses and commissions are deducted from the remaining percentage. The only exception to this is when a retail outlet, ie. a department store, is used to sell OWA and demand a percentage of the retail price. In this case, the artist's percentage will be reduced from 30% to 20%.
3.   Of course, the artist gets this percentage of the rental / retail price every time a print of the image is purchased. If 100 people buy the image, they would get 100 x 30%.For rental art, the customer will continue to receive 20% of the rental price for as long as the customer keeps the image.
4.   It is not necessary to sell your valuable original image.
5.   You will gain invaluable international exposure to your artwork. Customers who would otherwise never see your artwork can become enthusiastic collectors.


As we wish to get as many images as possible for our web site, please send us your suitable images in the form of: 35 mm, 60x60, 60x70, 60x90, or 4"x 5" transparencies. CDs will also work, but if the quality of the photo or scan is poor it will be hard to produce a good final print. Please also let us know the size of the original image. This will be very important for our printing. It is important that your transparency need be enlarged no more than 10 times to reach the desired print size. Existing scans on CD should be 300 dpi at final print size in RGB colour.

We are looking forward to hearing your response and hope that you
are as excited by OWA as we are!

ICO Headquarters
13-14 Wakamatsu-cho Chigasaki, Kanagawa,

f: (81) 467 86 8944
e: ico-nori@info.email.ne.jp


Images in the OWA catalogue are for OWA exhibition purposes only and
under no circumstances should they be copied or reproduced in any way.


Artwork and Website Copyright 2000-OWA